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The Most Famous Women in Satanism

Diane LaVey - Satanism's First Lady

Diane LaVey, the golden-haired beauty at Anton LaVey’s side throughout the formation of the Church of Satan, was Satanism’s first lady. Known as Diane Hegarty, she took on LaVey’s last name and her role in the Church of Satan. She did much of the groundwork in this church that enabled it to become the success that it was. Without her hard work in Satanism we would not have all that we have today.

Diane helped to transcribe and edit some of the most famous books in Satanism today. Namely, the Satanic Bible, Satanism’s first book, and the Satanic Rituals. She was also influential in helping to write the Satanic Witch, and the Devil’s Notebook. These books are important in Satanism because they helped to shape how we view Satanism today.


Diane also helped to found the Church of Satan, helping to arrange meetings and groups, and administering important duties for the church. In addition to this Diane often was the one to deal with the press and the media. During the 1980’s Diane also defended the church when accusations arose during the Satanic Panic.

Involved in several documentaries on Satanism, such as the Occult Experience and filmed rituals of the Church of Satan services, Diane can be seen leading and helping with Satanic rituals.

Serving as their High Priestess for a quarter of a century, she was an integral part of the Church of Satan. Yet her legacy seems to be overshadowed by her husband, Anton LaVey who often was the only one in the spotlight.

She is also the first mother of Satanism, raising her child with Anton, Zeena LaVey and later on, her grandson Stanton LaVey. America had it’s first generation of Satanists with the LaVey family.

Blanche Barton - Satanic Emissary

Blanche Barton entered the world of Satanism in 1984. After Anton LaVey, founder of the Church of Satan, separated from his longtime partner Diane Hegarty, Barton began a relationship with him. This placed her in a prominent position within the Church.

Following Diane Hegarty’s resignation as High Priestess, the title initially went to Zeena LaVey, Anton’s daughter. However, by 1990, Barton assumed the role of High Priestess herself. This made her a significant figure in the Church of Satan during the later years of LaVey’s life.

It’s important to note that there’s some debate about Barton’s own religious affiliation. While she was LaVey’s partner and held a leadership position in the Church, some sources claim she didn’t identify as a Satanist herself. Instead, she reportedly adhered to the philosophy of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema, a religion with some thematic similarities to Satanism.



Blanche Barton

Despite this, Barton undeniably played a key role in documenting the Church of Satan’s history. She authored two notable books during her time with LaVey. The first, published in 1990, is titled “The Church of Satan: A History of the World’s Most Notorious Religion.” This book offered an insider’s perspective on the Church’s development and practices.

Her second book, also published in 1990, delves deeper into LaVey’s life. Titled “The Secret Life of a Satanist: The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey,” it provides a detailed account of the Church of Satan’s founder. These books remain valuable resources for anyone interested in learning more about LaVey and the Church of Satan.

Barton’s tenure as High Priestess ended in 2002. After a legal battle with LaVey’s children, she ultimately secured leadership of the Church. However, she chose to step down later that year, appointing Peter H. Gilmore and Peggy Nadramia as High Priest and Priestess respectively. Despite this, Barton’s mark on the Church of Satan’s history remains undeniable, particularly through her writings and her time as LaVey’s partner and leader within the organization.

Zeena Schreck - First Baptized Satanist

Zeena Schreck, born Zeena LaVey in 1963, holds a unique position in the history of the Church of Satan. Daughter of founder Anton LaVey and co-founder Diane Hegarty, she was practically born into the Satanic world. Her life within the Church, her writings, and her eventual departure all paint a fascinating picture.

Zeena’s childhood was steeped in Satanism. Famously, she received the first public Satanic baptism performed by her father in 1967, solidifying her place as the Church’s “poster child” in a way. As she grew older, she became increasingly involved in the Church’s activities. In 1985, at the age of 22, she ascended to the position of High Priestess, becoming the Church’s spokesperson and a prominent figure alongside her father.

However, Zeena’s time at the helm wasn’t without its complexities. While she initially embraced LaVeyan Satanism, questions and disagreements with her father’s teachings began to surface. This culminated in a very public departure from the Church of Satan in 1990. Zeena later stated she felt LaVeyan Satanism had become too materialistic and lacked a spiritual dimension.

Zeena’s literary contributions are noteworthy. She co-authored “The Satanic Witch” with Gwen Fraley in 1989, a book that explored the Satanic perspective on witchcraft and challenged traditional Wiccan beliefs. Additionally, her autobiography, “Zeena LaVey: Daughter of the Devil,” published in 1990, offered a personal account of growing up in the Church and the reasons behind her departure.

Venus Satanas - Realms of Spirituality

Venus Satanas, also known by her real name Melissa Hudson, is a prominent figure in contemporary Satanism. Unlike some historical figures associated with Satanism, Venus Satanas is a self-described Satanist who actively shares her knowledge and perspective on the religion.

Her journey with Satanism began in 1992, and by 2004, she felt compelled to share her experiences and understanding with others. This led to the creation of her website, “Spiritual Satanist,” a platform for exploring Satanism from a personal and spiritual viewpoint.

Venus Satanas’ work focuses on what she terms “Spiritual Satanism,” a branch of LaVeyan Satanism that emphasizes personal growth, mindfulness, and a connection to the self. She challenges the stereotypical image of Satanism and promotes its core tenets, such as individualism, skepticism, and rational thinking, within a spiritual framework.

In 2017, Venus Satanas took her work a step further with the publication of “The Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book: Infernal Reflections.” This book is a unique contribution to Satanic literature. It’s not just a collection of prayers; it’s a multifaceted exploration of Satanic spirituality. The book features original prayers, poetry, and artwork, all designed to inspire self-reflection and empower the reader on their personal Satanic journey.

“The Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book” has garnered a positive reception within the Satanic community. It offers a valuable resource for those interested in exploring the spiritual aspects of Satanism and provides a window into Venus Satanas’ personal approach to this religious path.

Beyond her website and book, Venus Satanas has also contributed to the Satanic community through online platforms like YouTube. She uses these platforms to engage in discussions about Satanism, answer questions from curious viewers, and provide a welcoming space for those interested in learning more.

Venus Satanas’ work is a testament to the evolving nature of Satanism. She demonstrates that Satanism can be a path for personal growth and spiritual exploration, offering a unique perspective within the diverse landscape of contemporary Satanism.

Venus Satanas

Karla LaVey, a Satanic Warrior

Not enough is said about Karla, the first daughter of Anton LaVey. Born from his previous marriage, Karla LaVeyKarla also grew up in the Church of Satan. Karla also was a founding member of the Church of Satan and acted as a spokesperson for the organization.

In the late 70’s Karla traveled to Amsterdam, to administer for the Church of Satan overseas. During that time she was ordained as a High Priestess. Karla also participated in numerous media and print interviews, helping others to understand the mission of the Church of Satan.

Just like her half-sister Zeena, Karla also fought to dispel the myths and conspiracies surrounding Satanism in the 1980’s. Karla made television appearances on talk TV shows like 20/20, Joan Rivers show, Ron Regan show, and 60 Minutes. That was some major positive exposure for the Church of Satan at the time.

Karla LaVey

Karla worked hard to preserve her father’s legacy. After he died in 1997, Anton’s third wife, Blanche Barton tried to use a hand-written will that granted her all of LaVey’s belongings, writings and royalties to her. However, Karla, knowing better, was able to contest it, and have the property divided fairly between her and others in the family.

Continuing her father’s legacy, Karla created the First Satanic Church, based in San Fransisco. The First Satanic Church had the same philosophies and teachings that were started by Anton LaVey. Karla left the Church of Satan to Blanche Barton, who moved its operations and headquarters to New York City.

Karla also organizes events for the First Satanic Church, like the Walpurgisnacht show in 2005, a benefit for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. They also host an annual”Black Xmas” party and show in December for members.