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What Are the Top 5 Books In Satanism?

Interested in learning about Satanism but you don’t know where to start? These are the 5 most popular Satanism books, their ranks collected over the years. These are the Satanism books that can help you to learn about Satanism as a religion and philosophy.

For instance, do you want to make a pact with Satan, but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you would like to understand Satanic philosophy. Or perhaps, you want to try your hand at a few Satanic rituals? These books contain everything you may want to know, and so much more. Armed with this knowledge you can have a good start in Satanism, with these 5 most popular Satanism books. Dive right in!

Satanic Bible

#1 – The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey

The most popular Satanism book by far is the Satanic Bible. It was the book that opened the floodgate for Satanism. The Satanic Bible Written in 1969 by Anton LaVey and edited by his wife, Diane LaVey, it served as the doctrine for the Church of Satan. Currently the Satanic Bible is holding 1st place in several paranormal, occult and philosophical categories on Amazon.

The Satanic Bible is an important document to read if you are interested in Satanism There are three major reasons why. The first reason why you should start with this book is that if you are new to Satanism you might not know where to start. The Satanic Bible provides you the foundation to start with Satanism because it is the founding document for Satanism.

Secondly, The Satanic Bible explains in detail the basics of Satanic philosophy. And third, the satanic Bible provides you with basic rituals and magic that you can start using right away, with simple explanations on how to use them.

It does not matter if you are spiritual or more atheist, knowing the philosophy in the Satanic Bible will help you navigate Satanism socially. It’s also good to understand the history of Satanism and The Satanic Bible provides a look into the past.

#2 The Satanic Scriptures by Peter Gilmore

The second most popular Satanism book on this list is the Satanic Scriptures. The Satanic scriptures, written by Peter H. Gilmore and The Satanic ScripturesTimothy Patrick Butler, covers the ideas and beliefs behind the Church of Satan after the passing of Satanism’s founder, Anton LaVey.

Peter Gilmore discusses gain additional insights into the mind of Satanists with this book that explains the ideas and philosophies behind the Satanic bible from the new high priest of the Church of Satan. Gilmore’s writings from the past 20 years are collected in this book, some of which was only available to church members.

Including a new interpretation of the Satanic philosophy and lifestyle of the Church of Satan, Gilmore discusses everything from politics to gay marriage to online Satanism, and everything in between.

For those who are interested in learning about Satanism this book makes an excellent companion to the Satanic Bible. Learn from the high priest of the church of Satan on how to live the Satanic life in The Satanic Scriptures.

5 Popular Satanic Books
Gospel of Satan

#3 The Gospel of Satan by Troll Towelhead

For those of you with a more spiritual purpose in Satanism, the Gospel of Satan not only provides you with a The Gospel of Satanspiritual guide to satanism but also, a gospel to read along with. The gospel is a story told of Milton’s Satan, but the roles are clearly reversed. Satan is not the anti-hero in this story. He is, instead, the central role and figure in this wonderful tale.

Included with the Gospel is a commentary that explains the insights behind each verse, giving you something to meditate on while you read the story. Also with the Gospel of Satan, you get a clear step by step guide on how to begin in Satanism. There is a guide on how to understand the world of demons and how to work with them.

The Gospel of Satan provides a concise guide on how to make a pact with Satan. For many Satanists, this is an important goal, and this book provides solid and useful advice on how to complete a pact successfully.

Also, there is a listing of spells in this fascinating book that you could use for just about any purpose. If you are looking for a spiritual but non-religious guide to Satanism, The Gospel of Satan provides reliable advice on how to enter into Satanism, and what to do once you become a Satanist.

#4 Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend by Jeffrey S Victor.

This book is an essential part of learning about Satanism. The Satanic Panic was a sad time in American history, where a firestorm of false accusations stemmed from the publication of a single book – Michelle Remembers. This book opened up hundreds of cases across the country accusing people of abusing children. It is unfortunate that some people were jailed and had their lives ruined over it, but all of the cases, in the end, were found to have no evidence.

It is unfortunate that even in this day and age people still The Satanic Panicbelieve the horrifying stories that had been told during the Satanic panic. During the 1980s a social panic swept across America and lasted more than a decade. Hundreds of innocent people were sent to jail, over false testimonies that were promoted by lawyers, counselors and judges.

The Satanic Panic book explores the phenomenon known as false recovery memory syndrome. Children were persuaded to ‘recall’ memories while they were being prompted on what to say, leading to the arrest and prosecution of innocent people. This type of psychological interviewing is no longer admissible in court, due to what people learned about it’s inaccuracies in the 1980s.

Christians, counselors, lawyers and judges, writers and even television producers took advantage of the satanic panic during the 1980s and made million of dollars off what amounted to be nothing but conspiracy. While this is not a book on Satanism, it includes an important part of Satanic history. In Satanic Panic: Creation of a Contemporary Legend you will find out about the impact of the social panic of Satanism, and how it changed the landscape of America.

paths to satan

#5 Paths to Satan: A Guide to Contemporary Satanism by Martin McGreggor

This is another essential book for those who are looking or a spiritual or esoteric approach to Satanism. Paths to Satan Paths to Satanis a practical guide to Satanism, presenting it in a uni1que way that is easy to understand.

For those of you looking for a guide to help you to integrate Satanism into your life, this book provides you a way to find self empowerment and your identity in Satanism.

With a guide on how to deal with friends and family, this book allows you to transition Satanism into your life in a useful way. For many Satanists this is a barrier that prevents them from really coming out and living the Satanic life. Paths to Satan approaches Satanism in a unique and refreshing way, making it a perfect (spiritual) compliment to the LaVeyan Satanic bible.

This Satanism book is well edited and sourced which seems to be a rare thing nowadays in occult books. With one of the highest ratings on amazon for books on Satanism, Paths to Satan is worth exploring. For beginners, Paths to Satan: a Guide to Contemporary Satanism provides an excellent doorway to spiritual Satanism.

The 5 Most Popular Books on Satanism

So there you have it, the 5 most popular Satanism books, ranked by popularity and content. Armed with this knowledge, you will have a great head start in understanding the history of Satanism, and the philosophy of Satanism. With these 5 Satanism books you have all that you need to begin learning about Satanism today!