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Liber-Luciferi by Winter Laake

Liber Luciferi
Liber Luciferi

Writer, artist and musician Winter Laake brings his talents to the Left Hand Path with his 2015 manifesto, Liber-Luciferi.

If you are searching for a book that will lead you to Satanic enlightenment, then visit this tome of Satanic inspiration.

The preface of Liber-Luciferi contains literary elements that may feel familiar with those of us who have been on the path of Satanism for a while. In describing the Satanic mindset and lifestyle, he inspires us to maintain our connection to the Black Flame.

Winter provides a good introduction to the basics of Satanic psychology in order to prepare you for Satanic magic. Included are prayers and poetry, words of power, and rituals that you can easily incorporate into your own practices. More than anything this book is a fountain of inspiration for those who appreciate Satanic literature.
What I like best about Liber-Luciferi is that Winter blends the modern ideals of Satanism with the more classical elements. This is something that is lacking in many of today’s Left Hand Path writer’s skill-sets. Unlike other books with a strictly atheist or theist tone, you are never left feeling like there is something missing.

For instance, the section titled The Twenty Satanic Virtues, gives us a unique take on the classical 9 Satanic Statements. Instead of a re-hash of the same old theme, the ‘virtues as they are named, are more realistic and less hard-line than what LaVey had proposed. Also, they are more inclusive of what Satanists should be striving for today, such as enjoyment of life, creativity and personality. If you are ever lost you can refer to them for inspiration.

Along with this, Liber-Luciferi is filled with alluring imagery and unique photography that adds to the mood of this wonderful book.

Included are rituals meant for coven or group workings. One ritual presented is a funerary rite. This is a unique and meaningful rite, which I have not seen in other writings on Satanic ritual. Along with this is a Mass of the Hallows Rite meant for October 31st, the Satanists high holiday.

Despite what other reviews may have said about this book, if you are familiar with the writings of Anton LaVey or Aleister Crowley then you will likely enjoy this book as well. There is nothing wrong with looking to the greats for inspiration but at the same time, providing a modern view and personal insight that can only come from experience. Overall, Liber-Luciferi is a book of Satanic enlightenment meant to free your mind while guiding you through the Left Hand Path.

I feel that Liber-Luciferi is perfect for the intermediary Satanist – those who are already familiar with the basic principles of Satanism but are seeking something more inspired to learn from. It is not meant for the casual reader, or the casual Satanist.

About the Author: Winter Laake has been a practicing Satanist for years. He has appeared in numerous notable interviews including Coast to Coast AM. You can view his latest works at


Liber-Luciferi by Winter Laake

132 Pages, Softcover

Published at LuLu Press, 2015 (1st Edition)

Written by Venus Satanas

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