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  • Satanic Ritual

    What Is The Satanic Mating Signal? Sexuality in Satanism

    What Is The Satanic Mating Signal? Sexuality in Satanism The Satanic mating signal, is it a secret sign? Anton LaVey stated in the Satanic Bible in the Eleven Rules of the Earth, that sexual advances must not be made until the mating signal is given. But, what is the Satanic mating signal? This article explores […] More

  • 5 Popular Satanic Books
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    The 5 Most Popular Satanism Books

    What Are the Top 5 Books In Satanism? Interested in learning about Satanism but you don’t know where to start? These are the 5 most popular Satanism books, their ranks collected over the years. These are the Satanism books that can help you to learn about Satanism as a religion and philosophy. For instance, do […] More

  • Satanic Afterlife
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    What Do Satanists Believe Happens After Death?

    Theories on The Satanic Afterlife Many people wonder what Satanists believe about death and the afterlife. After all, Satanists are allying with the prince of darkness, and the ruler of hell. There could be some kind of punishment involved in a deal like that. But as you will see, the beliefs that Satanists have about […] More

  • be your own god

    You are Your Own God – Self Worship In Satanism

    You Are Your Own God – Self Worship in Satanism Often in Satanism you will find Satanists discussing ideas on self worship and being a god. What does it really mean to be your own god, and where did this idea originate from? This article discusses Satanic self worship and the idea behind becoming a […] More

  • Karla Lavey

    The 600 Club Closes It’s Doors

    The 600 Club Closes It’s Doors The online forum known as the 600 club (a pun on the evangelical 700 club) closed their doors this year. The forum served as a long time meeting place for Satanists, mostly of the atheistic variety. The 600 club’s roots stretch back to the earlier days of the internet. […] More

  • Zeena LaVey

    The Most Famous Women In Satanism

    The Most Famous Women in Satanism Diane LaVey – Satanism’s First Lady Diane LaVey, the golden-haired beauty at Anton LaVey’s side throughout the formation of the Church of Satan, was Satanism’s first lady. Known as Diane Hegarty, she took on LaVey’s last name and her role in the Church of Satan. She did much of […] More

  • Satanic Bible

    The Satanic Bible by Anton LaVey

    Anton LaVey, the anti-cultural icon of the 1960’s, wrote the Satanic Bible as a manual and manifesto for his Satanic church. Whether or not you agree with what’s written in this book, it remains a seminal piece of Satanic history, and is worth a read and a place in your Satanic library. Many Satanists find […] More

  • Liber Luciferi
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    Liber-Luciferi by Winter Laake

    Writer, artist and musician Winter Laake brings his talents to the Left Hand Path with his 2015 manifesto, Liber-Luciferi. If you are searching for a book that will lead you to Satanic enlightenment, then visit this tome of Satanic inspiration. The preface of Liber-Luciferi contains literary elements that may feel familiar with those of us […] More

  • Dictionary of Demons
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    Dictionary of Demons by Michelle Belanger

    Explore more than 15,000 demons from Western Occult traditions in this book, The Dictionary of Demons: Names of the Damned. Renowned occult and paranormal expert Michelle Belanger compiled a book of western demons that you can use to expand your occult knowledge. Over the years, Michelle Belanger has had numerous radio and television appearances, including […] More